Vertical Vegetation

We have a revolutionary new technology that enables us to waterproof timber so that is resists the elements and is ideal for constructing gardens and gives the wood a beautiful natural finish, with a silky feeling.  The water-proofing material is impregnated into the wood and is not a surface coating, so it will last.  Normal timbers either rot in the ground, are eaten by termites, or are very expensive hardwoods.  


Class A1 hardwoods are suitable for in-ground applications, but are very difficult to work with and split or develop surface checking, so their finish ends up very rough and unsightly.  Root rot fungi thrives in Australian hardwoods made from Eucalyptus sp. so gardens built out of these products tend to harbour the disease and once infected it is virtually impossible to get rid of.


We have tested our specially treated H4 treated pine in the ground for two years with no changes detected yet.  H4 treated pine is rated as suitable for inground applications in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 1604 (Australian Timber Database and QLD Agriculture and Fisheries).


Unfortunately, the most effective biocide treatment called CCA also kills plants.  Our new technology seals the CCA biocide inside the wood further protecting and preserving it and prevents the CCA biocide from leaching out to kill the plants.


Pine is porous and once water-proofed, it is full of air spaces, so it insulates against heat.  Plants are very difficult to grow in plastic and ceramic pots, because they get hot in summer, and the hot soil promotes the growth of plant diseases, especially root rot fungi.  By insulating the soil from the heat of the day, these plant pathogens are suppressed, so plants grow exceptionally well in our products.