Vertical Vegetation



These elegant mobile office petitions come in various sizes and are mounted ondurable wheels each specified to take the entire load of the whole petition to deal with rough surfaces, especially the bump at the bottom of a ramp.  They are made of elegant Australian Hardwoods sourced sustainably and finished with marine varnish to give an beautiful deep luster.  The pots have large wick-fed water reservoirs and the bottom tray is a waterproof bund to catch spills.


These are ideal for the entertainment industry, restaurants and bars that wish to make elegant intimate dining areas.  Elfresco cafes can use them to screen noisy, ugly areas such as roads and move them inside to protect their assets from vandalism.  They are also ideal for dark areas, as the plants can be moved into brighter areas to grow.


The wide butressed base and low centre of gravity make these mobile screens very difficult to topple, which is important in premesis serving alcohol.



Our indoor vertical gardens are made of lined waterproof planter boxes stacked and mounted on a suitable footing as a free-standing structure or where possible, fixed to a wall or other suitable structure (e.g. studs or pillars).  They have large water reservoirs filled with pearlite and separated from the soil using a polypropylene geopolymer filter fabric to so that the wateris wick-fed and remains aerobic for a healthy soil ecology.