Vertical Vegetation




We offer a comprehensive range of landscaping services in the Suherland Shire region, including: gardening; retainer walls and terracing; automated irrigation systems; landscaping design and a large range of plants at wholesale prices, for a simple fee of $35/hr plus materials and delivery.


Irrigation systems for holiday homes are a must.  The photo above is a holiday home in Bermagui where the acid-sulphate soils burn the roots off most plants, so the gardens in the region are limited almost solely to scrubby natives.  By installing an automated irrigation system, mulching and adding a slow-release pH bufer, the soil ecology was transformed and exotic palnts grew very well, making this one of the best gardens in the region.  Now established, it takes a total of 8 hours work per YEAR to maintain this 800 square meter yard.  Good gardens add $50,000-150,000 value to a property and drought can kill a garden in a season.  An irrigation system will cost about $600 for 400 square meters of gardens installed (mulch extra) and add tens of thousands of dollars value as it grows your tropical paradise and reduces your mowing duties and cooling bills.  A single adult palm is valued at $2000 and a grove of palms.......  Just do the maths.


A good investment strategy when buying an investment property is to start with the garden, so that it is established when you sell and you get to enjoy it in the interum.  $2000-$3000 invested to construct a garden will grow and appreciate to be worth about $50,000 in 8 years.