25 Plant Choices for Green Wall Decor

Before you can choose plants for your green wall decor, you have to determine the wall’s location.  Location and light source will play a significant role in determining green wall décor plant selection.

Interior living walls or green walls with plenty of natural light give you the best options, but even walls with only artificial light can thrive with the right plant choices.  Outdoor walls also offer many options.  You can choose to spotlight a single plant species or opt to experiment with a mix of greenery and pops of color.  You could even choose to use edible plans or turn your green wall decor into a functional herb or vegetable garden.

The challenge is to choose living wall plants that will achieve your goals without creating excessive maintenance needs for your vertical gardening system.  We predominantly utilize perennials as apposed to Annuals due to the increased maintenance in northern climates.  In the end, you’ll want to use a mix of greenery that brings the outdoors into your commercial space while boosting productivity, reducing stress, and improving worker retention. 


If your goal is to create a wall with a lush texture, consider using a mix of ferns.  These plants typically require some maintenance and need the right amount of light and water.  Green wall plants to consider:

Staghorn ferns: These plants have leaves that resemble the horns of a herbivore.  The plants thrive in vertical vegetation walls because they traditional grow on trees.

Maidenhair: With their feathery foliage, maidenhair ferns need moisture, but create excellent groundcover or a solid base for a living a wall.

Sword fern: If you want to evoke the feel of a forest, these dark green fronds can help.  The plants are resilient but do best with plenty of moisture and some sunlight. Sword ferns thrive in colder temperatures.

Rabbit’s foot: Named for its furry appearance, this fern thrives when out of direct sunlight and needs continually moist soil.


If your goal is to create an indoor plant wall with the look and feel of shade, consider using vines.  The trick, with planting vines, however, is to ensure you don’t place them in a way that they dominate all the other plants.

Vines to consider for your green wall decor include:

Pothos: This vine with its heart-shaped leaves likes bright, indirect light and can thrive with little water.  The vine also is known for its ability to help purify indoor air.

English ivy: This vine makes an excellent ground cover and creates an elegant cover for brick and stone walls.  It thrives in cooler, more humid conditions.

Rosary vine: Also known as the string of hearts, this vine likes indirect light and little water.

String of pearls: With its small green bubbles, this vine looks more like a decoration than a plant and requires limited care to thrive.  This succulent does best with bright light.


Give your green wall more visual interest by interspersing some spots of color within the greenery.  Choose plants like begonias, geraniums, or lavender.

Peace lily: With its showy white flowers, the peace lily is a tropical plant that loves the shade and needs little care.  NASA includes the peace lily on its list of the top 10 household air-cleaning plants.

Begonia: Wax begonias have shiny green or reddish-brown leaves, while angel wing begonias feature streaks on leaves that are dark green on top and deep red on the bottom.  Tuberous begonias have green or burgundy leaves with flowers that come in shades of pink, red, yellow, or white.

Geranium: Avoid overwatering geraniums, which feature flowers with five petals that are white, pink, purple, or blue.

Lavender: With silver-green foliage and bright purple flower spikes, lavender is an ideal plant to use to create informal borders or hedges.  As a bonus, it also provides a light, pleasing scent.

Heuchera: These colorful gems are great in direct sun, shade, and indoors.  They come is a variety of 15 plus colors. Because the leaves contain the color, they due will during dormancy.


If your living wall is located where it gets plenty of sunlight, consider including any of the following plants:

Campanula: Also known as bellflower, this plant features flowers that look like open cups and tend to be lavender or light blue.  The flowers also occasionally are pink or white.

Fuchsia: These bright pink flowers need sunlight and extra humidity, which you can provide by misting them regularly or installing a cool steam vaporizer.

Impatiens: Also known as “Busy Lizzie,” these colorful flowers need plenty of moisture.  To keep impatiens short, plant them close together.

Nasturtiums: These easy to grow plants have bright greenery and vibrantly colored flowers. They have a light, pretty fragrance, and as a bonus, both the leaves and flowers are edible.

Salvia: A member of the mint family, these plants have square stems and produce bright purple, tubular flowers.


If you want to combine your vertical vegetation with the opportunity to grow something you could eat, consider including edible plants in your green wall garden design. Fashionable, attractive options include lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, strawberries.

Lettuce: A member of the daisy family, leaf lettuce, requires low temperatures and can suffer from fungal and bacterial diseases if it’s overwatered.

Herbs: If you want to include herbs, consider planting basil, thyme, rosemary, mint, or parsley. All are easy to grow and require frequent harvesting.

Tomatoes: These plants need room to grow and do best when you provide supports for their vines and premium potting soil.

Strawberries: These sturdy plants work well as edges.  Be sure not to plant them too deeply because the plant’s crown produces its leaves, flowers, and fruit.


This list is by no means exhaustive, and choosing the right plants for your green wall decor will depend on its location and the amount of light it receives.  You’ll want to ensure you combine plants that suit each other and your growing conditions.  To create the best possible living wall, consult a professional.  We can help.  Vertical Vegetation Company. 317.552.9062.

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