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We offer a unique variety of Live, Preserved, and Faux Green Walls.

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Product offering

We import materials, techniques, and ideas from all over the globe to bring the latest technology in

 Vertical Vegetation and Resilient Infrastructure.

Living Green Wall

With the latest technology in vertical irrigation, Living Green Walls can be erected easily and cost effectively.  Their benefits include increased cognition, improved wellbeing, improved air quality, structure protection, and noise reduction.

Reindeer Moss Wall

Reindeer Moss, a Sustainable Architectural Element, is gaining traction in the Biophilic Design arena. When integrated into interior design, the matrix of preserved moss that looks, feels, and smells alive.  Available in 30 colors.

Moss Bump Wall

Preserved Moss Bumps allow the look of nature without the maintenance.  They come in different shades of green and different textures.  They recreate nature in Working Places and Living Spaces.

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Artificial Green Wall

When light, water, access, or maintenance is limited,  Superior Artificial Planting Solutions are the answer. Incorporating 15 different vegetal species in each panel, these walls look real from 2′ away. 


Plug and Play - Live Plants

This Plug & Play Live Plant Wall is optimized for easy installation and maintenance.  These self-contained, Interior units include lights, irrigation, and Live Plants.  They are designed to improve air quality and increase cognition.

Vertical Vegetation Guides

CSI Specifications and Revit files available upon request.

Biophilic Design Study (PDF)

Health Benefits Study (PDF)

Green Wall Benefits (PDF)

Live Wall Installation (Video)


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Green Wall Benefits

A living wall offers numerous benefits at economic, ecological and societal level.

About Green Walls

We import materials, technologies, and ideas from all over the globe to bring the latest technology in Vertical Vegetation and Resilient Infrastructure

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Patrick Blanc

The Original Green Wall Professional

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Biophilic Design

Human’s instinctual attraction to Living Objects
Green wall on Cities Alive

Resilient Cities

Green Walls Help Mitigate Excessive Stormwater and Urban Heating Events

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Focused solely on Green Walls, we offer the widest variety of Living Walls, interior and exterior, to promote Healthy environments though clean air, increased cognition, increased creativity, and improved well-being.

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